After losing one of its legs due to a serious accident, a kitten learns to use its new body

When Wally was found in a garden, he was suffering from a serious leg and tail injury. Living on the street had not spared the poor 3-month-old kitten… Fortunately, he ended up crossing paths with people with big hearts.

A few weeks ago, a resident of a neighborhood in Los Angeles ( United States ) discovered a kitten in bad shape in her garden. The limping feline had collapsed from exhaustion in its garden,
A mutilated leg and tail

Panicked, the woman chose to contact an animal shelter, then it was the volunteers of Baby Kitten Rescue ( BKR ) who took over. ” I saw Wally’s sweet face and his poor mangled paw , and I immediately said we were going to take him ,” said Caroline , a member of the association.

Indeed, the feline’s right front paw and tail were seriously injured, probably as a result of a car accident. Young Wally dragged his paw as best he could, but thanks to BKR volunteers , his ordeal came to an end.

While taking the kitten to the vet, Caroline learned that her tail could still be saved, but her leg had to be amputated. An expensive operation, but more than necessary, since Wally began to self-harm. ” I’m sure it’s really confusing and frustrating for him to have this leg dragging around without any feeling or control over it ,” continues the volunteer.

Despite everything, the feline was affectionate towards its rescuers. ” Wally remains the sweetest of purring machines!” He only asks for hugs and kisses – which I gladly give him! said Caroline .
The operation was a success

When the long-awaited day of surgery arrived, Wally pulled through with flying colors. The veterinarians took the opportunity to sterilize him, and fell in love with this adorable kitten! After spending a few days with a collarette, the feline got used to its new body.

“ He adapted easily to life on 3 legs . He is already able to walk, run and play. 2 weeks after his operation, he was completely fulfilled. He healed so quickly ,” rejoices Caroline .

Thus, Wally was offered for adoption earlier than expected. It is a family from Las Vegas , and already owner of another 3-legged kitten, who decided to offer him an eternal home.
The ideal family for Wally

“ They understand Wally’s needs and are committed to giving him the time, patience and caring he needs to feel safe and thrive. Wally will have 2 cat sisters at home, and one of his sisters has 3 legs too! says Caroline .

Renamed Rally , the tomcat finally leads the life he has always dreamed of, to the delight of his thousands of followers on Instagram . An adventure that has only just begun!

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