After being rescued in Macedonia with a tumor in his mouth, Tom underwent surgery and is now on the road to recovery

Meet Tom, the last cat in the series to be rescued by Cat Shelter Meow paws volunteers from Macedonia. At the very beginning, due to problems with his mouth, he only ate soft food, they included all the necessary medicines, with the aim of preparing him for surgery.

On Wednesday January 25, he started eating dry food, he regained his strength. He was still undergoing therapy, preparing for the operation that followed the next day.

The plan was to remove the cancerous tissue in the mouth and then wait for the results, they hoped for the best.

The operation was completed on Thursday, January 26. Also, his teeth were cleaned and broken ones were removed to prevent future inflammation.

As they announced, the suspicious tumorous tissue from the mouth was removed . “It is obvious that he is missing papillae on his tongue and he will continue with the therapy until he fully recovers,” the volunteers wrote.

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