After being given a second chance at life, Muki the kitten undergoes a miraculous transformation

The little ginger kitten came to the shelter covered in fleas and had a severe upper respiratory infection. Since he could barely open his eyes, he was placed in the intensive care unit. Tarin, a foster carer and volunteer at Newborn Kitten Rescue in Arizona, came to the rescue. She adopted the kitten so that it could recover more easily in the comfort of home. She called him Muki.

Muki immediately chose a crib for himself, snuggled up next to the toy and fell asleep with a full stomach . With medicine and lots of love, Muki started to improve. In less than a week, he made great strides. His beautiful eyes came to the fore, and his fur became fluffier.

Muki was the smallest in the meow group at his foster mother, but that didn’t stop him from becoming part of the group. And when Tarin discovered how much Muki liked the vet, he became a regular guest there . “He loved going to him, because he knew he would get a lot of cuddles. He is a therapy kitten for all of us,” said Tarin.

Muki always puts a smile on people’s faces wherever he goes. He thinks the giant is trapped in a machete suit.

He likes to entertain everyone around him and to stand up on his hind legs to look big and “dangerous”.

“He has the best personality, he’s absolutely fearless. He never gets tired of playing, especially with the boxes, where he can play hide and seek,” Tarin describes him.

Another volunteer followed Muki’s recovery from the first day, and she and her parents fell in love with the little one . That’s how Muki found his forever home and great people! It was love at first sight. They also adopted another cat, which Muki adores. Now he has his furry friend and only his family that loves him so much.

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