A woman entered an asylum, and her attention was immediately captivated by the presence of the most adorable cat with an endearingly asymmetrical face, which seemed to be fixated on her.

Cats are intelligent and independent animals, so they won’t live in a home where they don’t feel comfortable. That’s why they are often the ones who choose us, not us.

That’s how one woman found her perfect companion after going to an animal shelter in Richmond, Virginia. Lauren Thomson wanted to adopt a dog, but she had adopted cats before. “The last cat I had chose me by tapping me on the shoulder while I was looking at another cat ,” she said.

After touring the asylum, she suddenly saw a cat watching her from a distance. It was a beautiful cat with a wide asymmetrical face . That’s when Loren knew she would be the one. It was about Piddlesticks, a cat that arrived at the shelter with a broken jaw, stillborn and with signs of abuse. Fortunately, the Rescue Center took care of her and she underwent emergency surgery.

She was 9 years old . The staff managed to find permanent homes for all her young, but Piddles waited for her new opportunity for more than 9 months . Fortunately, everything changed when she caught the attention of Loren, who decided to adopt her regardless of her age or physical condition.

“On the first day at home, I realized that she was confused, but we connected quickly and she has been by my side ever since,” said Loren. “She still has a lot of energy, she enjoys making a mess . “Since I adopted her, most of her teeth have been removed, but she is happy and leads a normal life,” she added. ” It gives the impression that it is constantly winking “.

The asymmetrical face makes her the cutest cat in the world. “She’s the sweetest girl in the world and I can’t imagine my life without her,” Lauren said.

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