A U͏n͏i͏q͏u͏e͏ and Adorable ‘Frankenkitten’ with O͏n͏e͏ E͏y͏e͏ a͏n͏d͏ Fo͏u͏r͏ E͏a͏r͏s͏ Finally Finds its Perfect Forever Home ‎

Introducing Frankenkitten, the charming rescue kitty who boasts an intriguing combination of four ears, one eye, and a cute overbite, all he truly desires is a comforting snuggle and some delightful ear-petting.

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Meet Frankenkitten, also known as Frankie, a remarkable little warrior. He and his sibling were discovered hiding beneath a house, battling numerous health issues.

With their mother absent, these defenseless kittens were swiftly taken to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) in Victoria, Australia. Georgi, a devoted foster parent and GAWS employee, shared, “Frankie had a severely infected and damaged eye, along with four ears. His eye was causing him immense pain, so he underwent surgery right away to have it removed.”

Frankie’s unwavering strength and resilience are truly inspiring. Now, under Georgi’s loving care, he is embarking on a remarkable journey towards recovery and a brighter future.

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Georgi brought Frankie to her place for a peaceful and protected recuperation under the foster care. As an experienced foster mother, Georgi has nurtured and looked after more than 80 foster felines within the previous year alone. However, as she cradled Frankie close to her, a distinctive feeling washed over her, making her realize that he was unlike any other she had cared for before.

“I noticed his uniqueness the moment he entered our home, and within a short span of time, I developed an unbreakable bond with Frankie,” she shared, expressing her reluctance to part ways with him. “The mere idea of returning him was unbearable.”

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Within the last year, Frankie has been responsible for nurturing an impressive number of approximately 80 feline companions. However, Frankie’s unique attributes, such as his four ears or single eye, combined with his affectionate and caring nature, posed a newfound challenge for the individual who cared for him.

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Perhaps it was the undeniable connection between her son, Arthur, and the kitten with special needs that sparked Georgi’s reluctance to part ways with Frankie. Whatever the motivation behind her decision, the outcome of their fateful encounter would soon become a tale worth telling!

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After undergoing surgery to remove his infected eye, Frankie is in the process of healing. However, despite his condition, he never fails to express gratitude towards his new family. With a loving nature, he enjoys cuddling with his loved ones and has an undeniable fondness for ear scratchies (making sure to receive them for each of his four ears) as well as waking up his human companions in the morning with an abundance of nose kisses.

Instagram Photo Update: Frankie’s Journey Continues

Sadly, Frankie, despite already undergoing one surgery, needs to face a few more procedures in the future. Due to a severe overbite, his adult teeth are expected to grow in a way that could potentially cause harm if left untreated. In order to prevent his teeth from growing into the roof of his mouth, Frankie will have to have some teeth removed further down the line.

According to Georgia, Frankie’s guardian, they are currently waiting for his adult teeth to fully grow, which is estimated to take around five more months. Once they do, it will be necessary to remove his lower canines as they have the potential to cause damage to his palate when he closes his mouth. On the other hand, Frankie’s upper canines should be able to stay, although they might protrude from his mouth, resembling little vampire fangs.

Fortunately, Frankie is fortunate to have a loving family who will provide him with the care he needs throughout these surgeries. Additionally, the shelter that rescued Frankie, GAWS, is generously contributing to his medical expenses, ensuring that he receives the best care possible.

In the meantime, Frankie is making the most of his new life in his forever home. He is actively exploring the world outside and gradually gaining more confidence with each passing day. His positive attitude and spirit are truly inspiring, and we are all rooting for a successful and smooth journey ahead for Frankie.

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And exuding cuteness at every stride.

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“Frankie paid a heartwarming visit to a charming lady celebrating her 90th birthday. Witnessing the sheer joy he brought her was truly delightful.”

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Disclaimer: The faint green imprints on Frankie’s ear symbolize that he has undergone desexing, a widespread practice in both Australia and the United States. This tattoo serves the purpose of identifying whether a domesticated animal has been sterilized, rather than indicating ownership or serving any aesthetic purpose. Over time, as Frankie grows older, the tattoo will gradually fade, transforming into a subdued shade of green.
Should you wish to show your support for Frankie or contribute to rescue initiatives led by GAWS, please follow this link to explore various ways you can lend a hand!

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