A touching moment unfolds as an abandoned boy finds solace and love in the comforting embrace of a dog.

He has a sister who resides in another city. However since grade Rommel has found himself living on the streets due to constraints.

Despite being compelled to leave school because of abandonment by his loved ones Rommel always held onto the hope of returning.

The heartwarming story of this child and his loyal dog became an internet sensation after it gained popularity on social media platforms touching the hearts of people worldwide.

When Maria Kabs spotted them strolling through the streets together she couldn’t. Capture photos of this bond between Rommel and his dog. These pictures were then shared on her Facebook page.

In 2018 an article featuring Rommel caught attention mainly due, to an image depicting him peacefully asleep while cradling his dog amidst challenging circumstances.

Rommel believes that Badgi, a dog he encountered during his street journeys provided him with solace and companionship.The two have remained close since. Support each other in their struggle to survive.

In return for Badgi always protecting Rommel from children who beg Rommel would always share some food with his friend when he was, in need.

Every night the two friends slept beside each other to help them relax after a day of activities.

Both of them found hope through the circumstances that brought these two people together brightening each others lives.

Rommel seems fearless when it comes to being alone or facing bullies, like Badgi. The puppy on the hand doesn’t care if his friend is a child or homeless; love is all that matters to this dog.

According to with the efforts of people and Marias shared post about her love, for Badgi little Rommel is now attending school and building a better future alongside his amazing dog friend.

Despite whatever challenges have occurred in his life this little one is still filled with love, dreams and happiness because of the bond he shares with his beloved dog.

Lily, the blind Great Dane, and her guide dog demonstrate a love that transcends disability, exemplifying the power of companionship.

In a remarkable demonstration of loyalty, six dogs pursue an ambulance for miles and patiently remain outside a hospital for 24 hours, steadfastly waiting for their homeless owner.