A tortured cat was abandonedin a paper box with instructions on treatment for its eye condition

This beautiful tortured boy was left in a box in Kikinda, with eye therapy and instructions. As stated by the Animal Protection Association of Lina from Kikinda, two days later he ended up in Mokrin, with a woman who takes care of animals.

He was taken to the vet, but the situation did not improve . She contacted volunteers, and they took the cat to her vet. The first opinion was the following: the eyes cannot be saved.

The infection had completely destroyed both eyes. The kitten was so tiny and too small to withstand the operation, so he received therapy to somehow maintain the condition without worsening until the next check-up. They called him Stitch.

At the beginning of June, the kitten was operated on. One eye had to be removed, while the other was given a chance for treatment. And here is Stich today… An adorable being!

It’s really “difficult” for him to stay, every day he creates some chaos, but he always “gets away” with charm. An endlessly curious kitten. The cutest cat in the world received its first vaccine.

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