A timid kitten, discovered hidden within a cinder block, conquers fears and undergoes a remarkable transformation.

A kitten who was found hiding in a yard, transformed with the help of kind people.

A family from Montreal, Canada found a stray cat and her kittens in their yard. One of the kittens was hiding inside a cinder block, with one leg sticking out. She was very timid and trying everything she could to stay hidden.

Local animal rescuers, Stefany and her mother Johanne, saw the plea for help from the family and immediately responded. By the time they got to the place, the cat mom had moved all her kittens except the one hiding in the block.

The mother cat didn’t return for the little shy kitty. They scooped her up and realized that she was just skin and bones.

While they continued to look for the rest of the feline family, they reached out to their local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, so the kitten could receive medical care and have the best chance at a good home.

“Her rescuers named her Dayze. She was five weeks old, very scrawny and hungry,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with Love Meow.

They got the kitten all cleaned up and gave her a full belly that day. Soon, Stefany and her mother noticed something different about one of her paws.

“Dayze has a crooked front leg due to a deformity in the joint of her paw. We were able to get her seen by a specialist. For now, the little scooter can move around just fine, and it doesn’t bother her at all. We will continue to monitor her paw as she grows.”

Once the kitten realized that she was safe, she quickly came out of her shell. With good food and a comfortable home, she started putting on weight and her personality also emerged. “In no time, she turned into a little diva character.”

After Dayze was weaned, she was transferred to her new foster home where she could socialize with other kittens her age. She settled in beautifully and began demanding attention from everyone around her.

“She enjoys being surrounded by people. She is curious about everything and loves to play and run around the house like she owns it.”

Dayze is no longer that timid kitten they found hiding in the concrete block. She follows her people around the house and insists on being close to them, and getting pets and cuddles on cue.

“She is glued to her foster mom when she sleeps, and likes to come and lie down right next to her head,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

“She has grown to be a sassy diva girl who decides what she wants to do and when. She likes to play with other kittens but she is always the boss.”

Dayze has transformed into a confident young cat and a sweet cuddler. She is packed with energy and will climb anything she can lay her paws on. “The cat tree has become her own little castle.”

The kitten has come a long way and is now ready to find a place of her very own.

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