A stray cat finds a permanent residence for herself and her kittens at the local police station.

A stray cat was wandering around a police station until it came face to face with an officer, meowing for assistance. The kitten’s entrance, on the other hand, was unexpected. The good news was that the mother cat not only got assistance for her kittens, but also decided to make this her home.

That’s why, instead of just one police officer, a family of cats now runs a police station in Pusan, South Korea. After approaching an officer with her four babies, a stray cat mom chose to make the spot her permanent home.

When the lovely cat’s “colleagues” in the complex are on duty, she likes to accompany them. No one knew where she came from or how old she was when they found her in front of the post, so they nicknamed her “Molang,” which means “I don’t know.”

Molang’s first encounter with his human companions was bittersweet. While Molang was nearby, officers discovered her kittens dead in a vehicle accident and buried them.

The elusive cat resurfaced a few months later while the same police officers were on duty. Once again, I was suddenly pregnant.

She chose to remain this time, though, and gave birth to her kittens at the guard station.

Everyone at the police station was won over by the cuddly family. They made the mother feel at ease before her delivery and assisted her in cutting the umbilical cords of her children.

The feline tribe has become the police station’s mascot. They have a loving home for the rest of their lives, with numerous people who play with them, feed them, and care for them.At the police station, four kittens are growing up.In exchange, the cat family assists the station’s police personnel with their responsibilities.The mother cat is thanked by a police officer for her assistance.A police officer assists kitten in caring for the furry baby while mom takes a rest.

Every time they bring the boxes in, the kittens transform them into beds.
These lovely felines have become the country’s first police cat family.

This kitten giggles with joy now that she has a family to help her and her one and only kitten.

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