A police dog captures hearts on Instagram with a charming pose in uniform and tie for an official ID badge photo, earning viral fame and adoration.

Chico is a very good boy who has dedicated his life to serving others.

The courageous and daring German Shepherd is now becoming popular after an Instagram photo of him posing for his official police ID-badge went viral.

Chico is a K-9 for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and when it came time to update his ID photo, he made sure he looked presentable.

Chico dressed up in a lovely police suit and even wore a tie for the special shot.

He looked fantastic, and since the department released the photo on social media, people from all over the world have been showering him with comments and affection.

K-9s definitely deserve our love and respect for everything that they do for their communities.

Can you offer assistance to the distressed dog trapped in a large plastic pipe, tightly constricted around its neck, howling in agony? It’s a critical situation.

Police officers bid a heartfelt goodbye, honoring a devoted K-9 officer with a touching tribute, underscoring the deep and unique bond between humans and dogs.