A parched stray dog, longing for water, seizes an empty bucket, imploring passersby for hydration.

A stray dog in the district of Lima, Peru was hit by the drought and water shortages there back in 2017.

So, the adorable, thirsty creature decided to take matters into his own hands and found a discarded bucket which he used to roam the streets and beg for water.

Peru’s city underwent so much hardship when the water company decided to cut off the supply as it was contaminated with mud. This left residents high and dry, causing many to abandon their homes. It was just as difficult for the country’s animals, including this one nameless pup who was videotaped with his bucket in Chorrillos in the district of Lima.

The Daily Mail reports he was seen walking around with the bucket in his mouth looking for water and is believed to have found some from a charitable passerby. How could anybody resist those puppy dog eyes begging for a drop of water? The enterprising pooch’s escapades were caught on camera and quickly became popular.

It’s speculated that the pup was homeless and looking for water, but perhaps he’s just a puppy who found a fun toy for himself. Maybe he found it soothing to carry in his mouth like a new friend.

Help! Water supplies have been turned off in Lima, Peru due to mud contamination, leaving animals like this poor dog desperate for a drink

What’s your opinion? Do you think the dog was looking for water or is there another reason he’s carrying around the little bucket?

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