A paralyzed kitten, who will never grow any bigger, loves the spotlight just as much as any other cats

Fruit is a tiny paralyzed kitten that will forever stay that little. He was born different and couldn’t walk on his own. With the help of vets and his mom Fruit has managed to overcome his problems, but he’ll never grow to his peers’ size. That, however, hasn’t stopped the tiny furball from living life to the fullest.

Loves to be the Center of Attention
When Fruit met his mom Lauren, he wasn’t in great shape. He got an X-ray and everything looked solid, so they didn’t immediately realize he couldn’t walk. The good news is that he was feeling great otherwise. One day, he got really sick, and the vets recommended putting the tiny furball down. However, Lauren didn’t accept that, knowing how great of a kitty he is.

She nursed him back to health and he’s doing great. Fruit is now a tiny dynamo who doesn’t let his disability affect his life. He loves hanging out with his mom and always follows her around.

We are grateful that Lauren didn’t give up on him when others did. Take a look at a video of Fruit and see how great of a kitten he is.

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