A motherless litter of kittens found a new home when a kind cat adopted them

A gray-white cat was brought to a veterinary clinic in Brisbane (USA), she had a difficult birth. Unfortunately, her kittens did not survive, and the mother cat was in despair.

On the same day, newborn orphaned kittens found in the park got to the clinic. They were tiny and desperate for motherly love. The clinic staff decided to pair the kittens with a mother cat and see if she would accept them.

“The kitty immediately began to feed and lick them. We almost cried watching how a mother who lost all her babies adopted orphaned kittens who needed motherly care,” shared Nikki from Best Friends Felines.

The organization “Best Friends Felines” took patronage of this cat family, and a beautiful woman Sarah was found, who took them under her temporary guardianship. A mother cat named Venus was so happy that she found a home. Now she has many soft beds and bedding on which to bask. “She is such a sweetheart with a heart-shaped nose and tried very hard to help the kittens. Kisa did a great job with the kids.”

The kittens were in great danger for the first few days of their lives, after they were left outside without their mother. Sarah is a veterinary nurse, she made sure that all children were fed, warmed and loved. Four kittens, surrounded by care, blossomed.

“The mother cat needed to eat well and gain weight to maintain her strength and care for her babies.”

During the first two weeks, Venus took care of the kittens around the clock, she kept them in perfect condition, from head to tail.
“She took very good care of them. After making sure her kids were fed and cuddled, she could afford to go and snuggle up on the couch,” Love Meow’s Nikki shared.

“She has a very quiet voice – it feels like she’s just opening her mouth, not meowing. Venus is very attentive, always double-checking if all her children are happy and comfortable, and only then allows herself to get comfortable.

Mom watched her kittens as they learned to eat out of the bowl on their own, play, wrestle with each other and play pranks. She was so pleased to see how they mature, turning from tiny newborn kittens into playful, rowdy mischief-makers.

After a few weeks spent with the guardian, Venus became liberated and became much more active. At first she was very modest and did not play, but she was open to everything new. The kittens grew up and Venus began to spend more time with people, always being the center of attention, as any cute kitty should be.

“This gorgeous mother cat has done a great job of raising her adopted kittens and they are now big, strong and ready to move in with their permanent owners.”

One of the kittens, Jupiter, has already been adopted. Her siblings Pluto (cream), Saturn (red), Neptune (sprat) and mother Venus hope to find reliable and loving people.

“Venus is always ready for hugs. She is very talkative and loves attention. This beauty would make an amazing gift for any family.”

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