A loyal dog steadfastly remains by the side of its dying friend, crying and attempting to wake them after they were hit by a car, showcasing heartbreaking devotion.

Heart-breaking photographs have emerged showing how a faithful dog guarded its dead friend and even tried to wake it up on a busy road in China.

The brown husky, laying in the middle of the road, was killed by a passing car in Zhejiang Province on April 17.

The cream-coloured dog desperately pawed and mournfully barked at its dead friend till their own came to pick them up.

According to a report from, an affiliate to People’s Daily Online, the unfortunate occurrence took place at Nianli village of Quzhou city yesterday.

The husky can be seen laying motionlessly on the road, while its cream-coloured friend maintained vigil over the body for at least half an hour.

The cream-coloured dog desperately pawed the husky’s lifeless corpse in an effort to resuscitate its life.

Video video posted by Pear Video shows the sorrowful pooch attempting to wake up the dead dog. It lamented its friend’s death on the road where cars passed past continuously.

A few bystanders gathered along the side of the road, but, none of them was able to explain the cause of the traffic collision.

Around half an hour later, a woman in black dress appeared and called the husky’s name.

An on-duty policeman asked her: ‘Are you the owner of the dogs?’

‘Sure,’ she said.

The cream-coloured dog followed its dead friend as the owner took it to the side of the road and called for aid.

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