A kind-hearted individual in Tyumen fitted a cat, which had been thrown out into the cold, with prosthetic legs and paws

In Tyumen, they went out and installed artificial limbs for a cat that had been thrown out into the cold. Photo – Alesya Klochko.

An insanely cruel story happened in Tyumen – here cruel people threw a cat out into the cold. After such a test, the animal had to amputate the paws. Fortunately, everything ended well. Tom now lies on his new mistress’s lap every evening and murmurs songs to her gratefully.

– He became a victim of unscrupulous breeders who “breed” thoroughbred cats. Tom has a congenital anomaly of the limbs, due to which the paws grow very slowly. The owners did not need such a sick cat, so they left him outside in a box in 30-degree frost. The doctors decided to amputate the underdeveloped paws, and put unique titanium prostheses in their place, – animal rights activist Alesya Klochko told the correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda – Tyumen .

Before the surgery, the girl nursed the caudate for several months, took him to hospitals, acquiring expensive medicines. Helped her financially caring local residents. They decided on the operation because it was very uncomfortable for Tom to walk, every movement gave off a sharp pain in his paws. He walked in socks and under drugs.

Now the cat moves fully and even scratches the prosthesis behind the ear. He does not play pranks and goes strictly to the tray. Eats dry food. “He is insanely affectionate,” says Alesya.

And his new owner, who took the cat from the animal rights activist into her good hands, says that now Tom sits on her knees every evening: “And so we sing songs! Good!”

New paws for a homeless cat
A year ago, little Tom’s life hung in the balance. He was left in a box on the street to die in the cold with sore paws. But on his way he met caring and kind people.

Earlier, Komsomolskaya Pravda – Tyumen wrote that in Tyumen, volunteers tried to help a cat that was skinned alive by unknown people . Unfortunately, the crippled animal could not stand the hellish torments and died in the clinic.

– The cat with terrible wounds could not stand it, despite all the efforts of the doctors. They did everything they could, tried to stabilize his condition. But the cat could not cope, he fought as best he could. Thank you all for your support and faith. There was a chance, and it had to be given,” volunteers from the ZhiVi Homeless Animal Assistance Group report.

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