A kind-hearted girl rescued a street cat with poor eyesight that was wandering around on the streets

Despite the fact that people have become more callous and cynical in recent years, there are those who cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of our smaller brothers. Los Angeles resident Molly Sotak is one of those people. On the street, the girl met a kitten that could not open its eyes due to a severe infection. The girl simply could not pass by and decided to help the baby.

Molly took the kitten from the street and took it to the shelter. At first glance, it was clear that the baby, whom the girl named Nellie, was very sick. The cat was thin, she had no strength at all. In addition, the cat was scared, she avoided contact with people. Molly decided that at first the baby would be better off in a shelter where specialists would take care of her, so she decided not to take her to her home.

The veterinarians prescribed Nelly a serious treatment, but the cat courageously endured all the procedures and began to recover very quickly. By the time the treatment was over, the cat had already found new owners.

In the new family, the girl was given a different name – Dina.

From a small and sickly kitten, Dina grew into a beauty with fluffy fur and blue eyes. She is happy in her home, where she is surrounded by love and care.

She has her own soft house and a lot of toys, the owners even started her a separate page on the social network, which quickly got thousands of subscribers who watch with interest how the kitty grows.

Despite being at risk of being euthanized due to its flat nose, the kitten’s life was saved and it went on to become a worldwide sensation, proving that it was worth believing in

The poor, adorable kitten was terrified and cried out as its family was attacked by two dogs