A homeless, pregnant mother dog lies helpless in a small ditch, longing for shelter and safety, encapsulating a poignant tale of struggle and survival.

According to The GoGo Rescue chanal, they got a call about a poor dog collapsed on the street. Everything was bad when they came.

Her stomach is swollen. They initially mistook it for a massive tumor.

They hurried her to the veterinarian. As a result of the ultrasound, she has 2 babies in her stomach. She was in pain and was trying to cling to life for her puppies.

She required urgent surgery. Although the surgery was successful, just one puppy was rescued.

The Mama dog is still very weak and in treatment at Vet and the puppy is being taken care of; pumping milk.

Hopefully, God will bless Mama dog and her child. Thank you so much for saving this pure souls.

A loyal canine with an intuitive understanding of humans offers solace to their owner, who is battling a severe heart condition in the hospital.

Thrown from a balcony, a resilient dog discovers a renewed sense of purpose as a service companion to a veteran, embarking on a new and meaningful chapter in life.