A family rescues a tiny kitten from the brink of death and watches as he grows into a stunning cat, filling their hearts with love and joy.

A litter of four kittens was found abandoned outside at just two weeks old. They were brought to Saving One Life and in desperate need of foster care. Caroline Grace, a volunteer of the rescue, stepped up to help.

Chester (ginger), the runt of the litter, needed extra attention and TLC. “He had an eye infection, and one of his eyes was sealed shut when he first arrived,” Caroline told Love Meow.

After some warm compresses combined with eye ointment, Caroline was able to get the gunk off, so the kitten could open his eye. “I had an immediate connection with him and he was instantly my favorite.”

While other kittens continued to make strides, Chester suddenly deteriorated due to Fading Kitten Syndrome. He became so frail and lethargic that he couldn’t even hold his head up. They didn’t know if he would pull through, but Caroline refused to give up.

With the help of Carrie, Director of Saving One Life, the kitten was brought back from the brink.

“She gave him subcutaneous fluids, B12 injection, glucose and supplemental nutrition that got him awake enough to allow a drop of formula on his tongue. I would then gently stroke his throat to encourage him to swallow.”

Over the next few days, Caroline followed a strict protocol and provided supplemental care around the clock. She fed the kitten every 1.5 hours, day and night, making sure the little one stayed strong and warm.

“When he was sick, I would hold him to my heart and promised him that if he fought and pulled through, he would always stay right here, close to my heart,” Caroline said.

“I promised to give him the best life and to love and care for him forever. I just needed him to fight to get better.”

After a week of unwavering devotion to the kitten, Chester finally turned the corner and started to get stronger and healthier. His sweet and quirky personality began to emerge.

While his siblings were playing, wrestling with each other, Chester preferred to be with his foster parents as their tiniest supervisor.

Caroline’s husband, Matt, fell head over heels for the little guy and offered himself whenever the kitten needed a cuddle.

“We called the kitten our ‘drunken sailor’ because Chester was quite clumsy and uncoordinated and constantly made us laugh with his silly and strange behavior.”

It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that little Chester was already where he belongs. “He fit so perfectly into our family and we knew he was never leaving.”

At nine weeks old, Chester turned into a full-fledged mischief-maker and a giant love-bug. He enjoyed resting on his people while giving them kisses.

“He loves to be held like a baby and to have his super fluffy belly scratched like a dog. He is so quirky and special and we love him so much.”

The ginger boy has blossomed into a gorgeous tabby cat. Some things never change.

“He is now nine months old and a huge, healthy and gorgeous boy. It’s hard to believe he was the sick little runt,” Caroline told Love Meow.

“He’s super loving and affectionate and wants to be around people all the time. He loves just cuddling and purring while being held like a baby.”

“Chester sleeps at the foot of our bed, and every morning when he sees us waking up, he comes over and nuzzles our faces and flops back and forth between Matt and I in different snuggling positions.”

Caroline had a special bond with Chester from day one. After the fading incident, the tabby boy completely won over her heart.

“Chester’s experience made me realize how important having advanced skills is when fostering neonates,” Caroline told Love Meow.

“After this, I was trained in and learned many skills that I have used to save more tiny lives. He is my constant reminder to never give up on a baby, no matter how bad it may seem.”

“I love him so much and am so grateful he came into my life.”

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