A devoted cat owner crafted a magnificent cardboard throne for her majestic Maine Coon cat, and the king of the house is thoroughly enamored.

Elly and Steve are the human parents of Arthur, a 17-year-old Maine Coon cat. Elly is a redditor, and recently posted on the popular site a majestic cardboard bed, inspired by the popular Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, that she made for her cat.
Impressed by her work, we had a talk with Elly about it, “I was looking at this cardboard box, a shoe box for children’s boots that my mom had mailed me something in, and I was thinking I could make Arthur a new bed” Elly told Just Something, “I opened it up and it already kind of looked like a chair, so I thought I could make a throne, since we often call him King Arthur. And then I realized the best throne to make would be the Iron Throne”.
According to Elly, the Iron Throne perfectly reflects Arthur’s personality, “Arthur loves sitting and lying in it! He likes to rub his face in it. He is definitely the head of the house, so it’s fitting. We also have two large dogs, and they are pretty submissive to Arthur”.
We hare happy to know that the Lord of the house appreciated Elly’s gift because, as you can see from the photos below, she put a lot of effort in her creation, and it would have been a pity if the result disappointed Arthur.
“He’s 17 years old. He was my husband’s cat from childhood and we’re very lucky to still have Arthur in our lives”, Elly said. And we must admit that Arthur is lucky to have such loving and caring parents as Elly and Steve. Take a look at the photos below to see how she made the Iron Throne for her furry Lord.

First of all, here is the final result, with Arthur sitting like the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms on his new Throne.

This is how it all started. “I had no idea what I was doing”, she said.

She applied the swords to the box.

Arthur is still not impressed.

Then she added a second cardboard to the bottom, after she tweaked it to be a little more trapezoid-shaped.

This is Arthur’s previous favorite spot. The Throne will be a significant upgrade.

She painted it black.

And dry brushed it with silver paint.

“I sewed a little cushion for his fat booty”, she said.

And here is Arthur, loving his brand new throne.


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