A Childhood Dream


At the end of the path, Arthur makes out the large pebbles on a huge blue and green background.
He rushes along the field of artichokes.
Mom bought him new sneakers, the ones that gallop!
He is sure to smash his own speed record to reach the dolmen.
No need for a stopwatch, the salty air has never messed up her hair so much.

The kid is happy.

He catches his breath at the end of the race, leans against the megalith then slides down to sit down.
Faced with immensity.
An imperceptible line of the horizon separates the sea from the sky.
Or vice versa.
Head up or head down?
Regardless, when the waves ride their high horses, sky and sea become one.
If he had wings he could soar off that cliff and fly with the gulls.
That would be great!
The child swings his legs in the air, all in his reverie.

He suddenly feels vibrations. A hollow voice rises:
– Be careful, Arthur. If you fall, I can’t hold you back!
Puzzled, the kid gets up slowly. He strokes the granite and inquires, hesitating:
– It was … you who spoke?
A fault on the top of the dolmen takes the form of a mouth and comes to life:
– My name is Envor. I am usually as dumb as a grave, but today you are too reckless. I had to intervene.
Forbidden, Arthur does not know what to say.
– Promise me not to approach you so close to the precipice, it’s dangerous.
Confused, Arthur lowers his head. He promises.

At this moment, a strange character comes to dispel the discomfort:
– Come on, come on, don’t make those funeral faces! The weather is fine, the birds are singing, high hearts! Let’s see Envor, you scare him!
Amused, the young boy sees a pretty, plump red-haired hen come out of the artichoke field.
– Who are you ? he asks.
In response, the newcomer flies to the dolmen table and pecks the child’s forehead.
– Ouch! Arthur exclaims, massaging his bangs.
– I am Honorine, the cleaner, she said, before swallowing a huge worm.
Then, with a few disorderly beats of feathers, she jumps to the ground.
Arthur laughed heartily as he saw the casserole waddle in front of him.
– Don’t be kidding, or I’ll make you grow a crest!
– Sorry, he said in a low voice, looking at the tips of his beautiful sneakers.
– Good ! Let’s talk about serious things. Envor told me that your dream is to fly.
– Yes, that’s it, with the gulls! Oh ! Does he know that?
– It’s not just the walls that have ears, the stones too!
– Envor has ears? But, I haven’t seen them!
– It’s just an expression, kid.
Arthur resumes:
– How can he know? I never said anything to anyone!
– Exactly, he heard your thoughts. Well, what if you told me instead how you plan to go about stealing?
– Well … I’ll just make some wings!
– You are completely unconscious, my friend. Let me tell you the story of Icarus. He’s a young boy who flew too close to the sun with wings his father made. He wanted to approach the star, captivated by so much beauty. The wings did not hold due to the too much heat. He fell and then died at sea.
– It’s sad your story!
– Yes it’s sad. That’s why you have to put all the odds in your favor and think about how to make your dream come true. You have time, you are still young. Go home now, it’s getting late.
After a last glance at Honorine and Envor, Arthur takes the way back.

Until the end of the summer, the boy went to the dolmen every day.
He did not see Honorine again.
Envor hasn’t spoken to him anymore.

Fifteen years after this magical encounter, Arthur has become a paraglider professional.

Today is a special day.
He is at the dolmen.
He finally dashes off his cliff.
A pang in his heart, he sees the gulls.
They fly by his side.
He looks in the direction of the megalith who smiles at him.
He thinks he can distinguish a hen.

Arthur is happy.
He’s that kid again.
Except it’s not a dream anymore.
He cries out to heaven:
– I fly with gulls, it’s the foot!

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