A cat becomes friends with a group of chickens and they enjoy each other’s company, showing that friendships can be found in unexpected places.

Cat Lives With A Fan Club Of Chickens That Are Obsessed With Him

This is Scruffles. He’s a chubby cat and likes to just lay around all day. He also has a fan club of pet chickens, who love nothing more than to watch him do nothing all day long.

Meet Scruffles, the fat cat who has more admirers than you. Yup, other than lying around doing nothing all day, this particular fatty likes to strike a pose or two for the audience of chickens who see him through a glass door and marvel at the spectacle.

While it is unexplainable why the chickens are so obsessed with him, we know for sure that the cat loves his fans so much. He often chooses a perfect view for his feathered friends, acting comfortably and sometimes looking at them with loving eyes. The cat doesn’t just pose for his chickens.

Sometimes, he gets them out for play. This handsome boy is also friendly, and tender with other cats. Scruffles’ siblings also love playing with him. He always appears to be cool, quiet, and sweet. Perhaps that is the reason why he was loved by most of his friends and humans.

Scruffles’ favorite spot is right in front of the screen door leading to the backyard. “If they’re just gonna stand there, I might as well give them something to look at.”

The chickens are always gathering at the door to watch him.

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