A Сold Straу Cat Knoсks On Wоman’s Windоw Аsking for hеlp And The Вig heаrt Womеn Adoptеd Her

The street poor pretty cat

His is a story about a pretty cat who tried his best to get by. However, life threw more at him than the little buddy could handle, so there was just one thing left for him to do knock on doors, asking for help.

On Valentine’s Day, a woman heard strange sounds coming from her backyard. She investigated and found an orange tabby standing in the snow and pawing at her door. Meowing.

The woman took a picture and contacted Marie Simard, she found a poor pretty cat…

“It broke my heart to see him, so I told her to take the cat to the vet, and not even 30 minutes later, he was at our partner clinic,” Simard told olly.

“He went into the carrier by himself, and once he got to the vet, he was very easy-going, he let the vet do the checkup, the blood test, and X-rays, the cat was not feral at all,” Simard said. She named the cat Aslan, in honor of the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia series.

“We thought he was a lost cat because he was just too friendly to be born outside. He didn’t have a microchip and was not neutered. We assumed irresponsible owners left him behind. We have many cats left behind by people who cannot afford to pay the vet care. We checked everywhere for a missing cat, but we found nothing.”…

“Aslan had rotten teeth, frostbite, a bite wound (he was bleeding somewhere on his body), fleas, worms, he had diabetes and skin allergy. His blood work was very bad, and he had to stay hospitalized a few days so he could be stabilized before going to his foster family.”

“He got surgery for his rotten teeth. He also had issues with his eyes, which were taken care of with surgery.”

The vet said Aslan was so sick and exhausted, and he would not have survived the winter if he hadn’t received immediate attention.

Aslan the pretty cat was grateful to the people who answered his meow for help. Simard said he was very nice to the clinic staff and would stick his paw out of the cage so people could pet him.

All the love and care have helped the kitty’s health tremendously. In a few days, Aslan got better and was ready to finish his recovery at a foster home.

Once Aslan was fine and ready for a family, Simard told his foster parents it was time for her to post Aslan’s adoption form so people could apply. But Aslan’s foster mom told her right away that he already found his family and she would like him to stay with her. Simard agreed.

” He had become friends with two rescue pretty cats, Cleo and Jasmin. Jasmin sadly passed away, but Aslan is very close to Cleo. Aslan has a special diet due to his diabetes, but he likes food! His mom needs to closely watch her plates because Aslan would not hesitate to steal her food. Sometimes, she makes an exception and gives him a treat.”

” Aslan is a very affectionate cat. He forgot his outdoor life; he doesn’t try to go outside. He likes to sleep on her pillow, and he likes to cuddle.”…

From a harrowing rescue on a bridge, a cat blossoms into a cherished and affectionate companion, radiating happiness and fostering deep connections.

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