7 ways to stop your cat from spraying or toileting in the house


It can be one of the most testing moments in your relationship with your cat: you come home to find a spray of cat urine on your sofa, carpets, walls or curtains,

despite the fresh litter box sitting mere metres away. As the owner, your first thoughts are probably “Why is my cat doing this?” followed by “How can I stop it?”.

Why cats spray 

Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t just spray to mark their territory. A cat can spray because they feel anxious, threatened or frightened. Spraying can also indicate insecurity, sometimes triggered by a change in routine or environment, or an outside stressor like a feral cat. Still, other cats are picky about the state of their litter boxes and will refuse to use them if they need to be cleaned.

Whatever the cause, spraying is an unpleasant behaviour that can cause a pervasive odour in your home and damage your furniture, carpeting and walls. Here are some effective solutions for preventing cat spraying.


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