7 small cat breeds that are just as adorable as Disney cats


Small cats are simply adorable. They are these cute little bundles of fur and energy that you just want to crush in a hug and cuddle with for hours on end. In addition to being the epitome of cuteness, they are also rather convenient pets to own for flat dwellers since they come in a rather compact size and do not need plenty of space. The contrast between the largest cat breed and the smallest is staggering, with the largest cat breeds weighing over 20 pounds and the smallest breeds barely bumping 10 pounds.

The appearance of these adorable little furry babies varies in terms of height, pelage, color, and distinguishable features. If you want to adopt a cat that is both small, adorable, and fits your style to a fault, here are 7 small cat breeds that are just too precious not to adopt.


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