7 Most Common Cat Behavioural Problems & How To Solve Them


1. Excessive or abnormal vocalisation

You might be dozing off only to hear your cat crying and howling loudly through the night. While this behaviour is somewhat normal for feline creatures, given that they are nocturnal, if this behaviour is not typical for your cat, it might be feeling bored, or trying to communicate that something is wrong.

Abnormal meows and howls from your cat could also be signs of pain or discomfort that could stem from problems in its urinary tract, injuries, or even pinched tails. It is, however, important to take note that some breeds, such as the Siamese Cat, are simply more vocal than others by nature.


A sexually-mature female cat will also vocalise more frequently than it normally does when it is in heat, which is a natural mating call intended to draw the attention of tomcats that may be in the vicinity. A tomcat that hears her calls will then respond with his own vocalisation. To know if your female cat is in heat, observe if she exhibits other tell-tale signs like raising her tail, arching her back, showing more affection towards humans and other cats, and an increased urge to run from the house to look for a mate.

If your cat vocalises excessively out of boredom, consider buying some new toys for them to have something to entertain them throughout the night. If you suspect that it could be due to pain or discomfort, then it may be time to plan a visit to the vet!


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