5 Reasons Why Our Children Are More Obese Than Ever!


Obesity amongst children is becoming an epidemic in the United States and the numbers are increasing with each passing day.

Obesity is extremely hard on the human body because of the many health problems that are associated with it.

Some of those health problems include high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, which could lead to heart disease.

Having too much cholesterol in your blood stream could cause clogged up arteries and cause heart attacks or strokes.

In past generations cholesterol problems didn’t show up until much later in life, but nowadays is becoming more prominent is young children.

That’s very daunting, because if kids are showing signs of developing heart disease at such extremely young ages, their lifespan maybe shortened.

This means unnecessary premature death.

I’ve listed below some common causes for this up rise in obesity among our youth in this article.

Both Parents Have To Work To Make Ends Meet

Today’s households are not like the make-believe TV shows of the past such as “Leave It To Beaver,” where the mom stayed home and took care of the household. While dad went off to work everyday to put food on the table and provide shelter.

Most households nowadays need two incomes in order to sustain a decent lifestyle and even then it’s never enough.

The result of both parents having to work is that the kids are left to care for themselves and this means that they will eat whatever they want.

Let’s be honest, if children are left to their own discretion and has a choice between pizza and a home cooked meal, which do you think they will choose?

The pizza of course!

Year after year of kids choosing to eat whatever fatty foods they want adds up to increased weight gain and eventually obesity.

Video Games And TV Overkill

Home entertainment is another major contributor of obesity amongst our youth and when combined with over consumption of fatty foods, it creates a dangerous outcome.

Video games and television have become so advanced and extremely engaging that it’s a challenge to motivate young kids to go out and play physical sports such as basketball.

Less Emphasis On Physical Education In Our School Systems

Back when I was growing up, physical education was a part of the curriculum and was required.

In today’s school environment, PE is almost non-existent.

That hour of physical education is probably the most exercise that our youth was getting on a daily basis.

Removing that hour of PE further contributes to the obesity crisis, because that was the only physical demands being placed upon them.

Removal means excessive calories going in and not enough being burned off.

That’s a definite recipe for obesity.

Parents Failure To Instill Good Eating Habits

Parents are so stressed and overworked more than ever in today’s fast paced environment that they rarely have the energy to bother with teaching their kids the proper way to eat.

They’re usually so preoccupied with worries such as how will they pay the bills on down to trying to balance all other aspects of their lives.

So if the parents are in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed, it’s extremely difficult for them to focus on what their kids are eating on a day-to-day basis.

Bombardment Of Fast Food Commercials

Kids are constantly being exposed to fast food advertisements, whether it is on TV, radio, billboards, Internet, and etc…

Advertisers are extremely good at persuading kids into wanting to eat their fast food products and it doesn’t help that most of it taste extremely good.

Children recognize fast food logos even before they are able to fully speak due to the thousands of ad campaigns that they’re exposed to each year.

All of that exposure makes it extremely difficult for children, but ultimately it’s the parents who are in control.

In conclusion…

I’ve discussed five of the most popular reasons for why child obesity is on the up rise and they’re all very valid points, but the truth of the matter is if parents don’t take control of their children’s eating habits, disaster will become prominent.

This disaster will present itself in a long list of health and social problems such as increased risk of heart disease, being missed treated by society due to being obese, premature death, and etc…

Parents can reversed the affects of obesity by encouraging their kids to participate in sports that they are interested in.

I don’t advise taking extreme measures by banning TV and video games altogether, because that will cause your young ones to rebel.

However, what I do recommend is creating a balanced schedule between school, chores, sport activities, video gamming, and TV.

That approach will create the best possible results.

Parents, if you love your kids and I know that you do, get them on the road to a healthy lifestyle before it’s too late.

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