3 Reasons People Are Attracted To Those That Are In Great Shape


It seems like physically attractive people have an easier time going through life, because everyone wants to be associated with them.

It seems like the most attractive people get the better jobs, run the best companies, get the best treatment, and so on.

This is a fact of life that can’t be changed, because those with great physiques are thought to be perfect even though they have the same flaws as everyone else.

Physical Appearance Is The First Thing That Attracts You To Others

You hear a lot of people that say things like, “Beauty is only skin deep” or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

My question is, what made you want to get to know that person of the inside if you didn’t first notice what was on the outside?”

Whether or not you are aware of this fact, physical appearance is very importance.

A Great Physique Commands Attention

Think back to all of the times that you’ve been out in the public and have noticed a man or woman that had a great physique.

Their physique was so impressive that you can remember it even to this day because it left an impression on you.

The most important thing to realize is that you probably didn’t have a conversation with them, but yet instill you remembered that person’s body in detail.

This proves my point about how having a nice body can leave an impression not to mention command attention without getting to know what’s on the inside.

People Take Pride In Associating Themselves With Those That Are Attractive

You can see evidence of this by looking at the so-called “Trophy Spouses” that some people have.

Meaning that some men marry beautiful women so that they can show them off in public, at special events, to their co-workers, employees, and so on.

The same go for some women who marry handsome men so that they can show them off to their friends, family, co-workers, employees, and so on.

Even though these types of relationships almost never work out in the end, it doesn’t stop people from pursuing them.

Once again, the relationship is based upon outer beauty and not what’s on the inside.

People Listen More Openly To Attractive Leaders

Just look at how much respect the Kennedy family received over the years, because of their combination of good looks and their ability to lead others.

There have been several tests that have established that people trust attractive politicians more than the unattractived ones.

Another example is comparing someone who dresses in baggy clothes with someone who dresses in a flashy suit.

If you were a woman and had your pick of the one that you wanted to take home to meet your parents, which would you choose?

Most women would choose to take the gentlemen dressed in the flashy suit to meet their parents.

Even though I believe that we all have our own personal preference in who we think is attractive to us, we have also created in our minds a symbol of what we think the ideal standard for what beauty should look like.

Whom ever fit that standard will continue commanding attention that the rest of us will be envy of unless you too build your body to the best of it’s potential.

I don’t think that it’s right, but I didn’t make the rules.

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