Crayfish -8 Things You Should do Before Buying a Pet Crayfish

Do you assume you desire a pet crayfish? Keep in mind, there are all kinds of issues to consider with having this unique pet.

The Fish Tank

First off, you will need to put money into a fish take with a water pump and filter. Additionally, if you happen to plan on having some other fish to go together with your pet, you will want to contemplate the dimensions of the tank.

That is as a result of crayfish are aggressive scavengers. They’re omnivores who prefer to eat virtually every little thing. This implies your fish too. So if you happen to plan on having a number of fish, typically you will want to purchase a much bigger tank.


The little chef Kobe

Crayfish are fairly hardy animals. I imply they will stay in nearly any filth. Nonetheless, you’ll have to do frequent water modifications with a pet. Partly as a result of these animals put out a lot of waste, but in addition as a result of they will make your tank look ugly in a short time and create an unhealthy atmosphere for some other fish in your fish tank. Doing common water modifications aren’t exhausting, it is simply one thing you need to bear in mind to do repeatedly. Some individuals do them weekly and others do them bi-weekly.

A Place to Disguise

Crayfish may fall sufferer to assaults from different fish, imagine it or not. That is more than likely to occur when a crayfish molts or when your pet sheds his exoskeleton. When a crayfish sheds his exoskeleton, he’s weak and gentle. He is additionally not too aggressive. Due to this, different fish will typically assault him. Because of this, it is crucial to have hideouts in your fish tank when your pet molt. Really, your pet will like having a hideout anyway.

These animals prefer to burrow and conceal typically occasions after they aren’t on the prowl looking every little thing in sight. PVC pipe can be utilized as a hideout in your pet crayfish or you should buy them for reasonable on-line or in most pet shops.

If you will have a pet, there are some things you may need to think about. After having a pet crayfish for nearly three years, I’ve discovered a number of essential issues about pet crayfish care.

Tank Measurement Issues

First off, tank measurement goes to be fairly essential if you happen to plan on having a crayfish and different fish. For one, crayfish are very soiled creatures. A pet can soil up a tank relatively rapidly by the waste it produces. Because of this, I would counsel no less than a twenty-gallon tank.

Personally I have been in a position to maintain my very own crayfish in a ten-gallon tank. Nonetheless, doing so required extra frequent water modifications in an effort to maintain the tank trying recent and clear.

Additionally, a bigger tank will present extra room in your crayfish and different fish. That is good as crayfish are very territorial creatures.

Sorts of Tank Mates

Crayfish are aggressive creatures. They’re omnivores who love nothing greater than getting their claws on one thing and consuming it. They don’t have any drawback consuming different fish in your tank, the crops, and even different when you have them.

So if you happen to plan on having different fish in your fish tank alongside together with your pet crayfish, get fish who’s additionally aggressive. Fish that swim close to the highest of the tank and who’re quick work nice too.

Presently I’ve hatchet fish and a purple tail shark in my twenty-gallon tank together with my pet blue . The purple tail shark has truly been dwelling with my pet crayfish for about two years. It is labored out very properly as a result of he too is aggressive, swims close to the highest of the tank, and is a quick swimmer. This does not imply that my crayfish does not attempt to snatch him up every so often, he does.

Keep in mind, fish who’s gradual and swim close to the underside of the fish tank, the place crayfish dwell, are very prone to be eaten. I’ve misplaced just a few fish early on as a result of they have been slow-swimming fish.


My expertise has been that if I maintain my pet fed properly, they don’t seem to be at all times as aggressive. Clearly, the extra hungry a crayfish is, the extra seemingly it’s to attempt to search out and seize your different fish. So maintain your crayfish fed, however in fact do not overfeed him.