4 Keys To Making Police/ Public Relations Work Better

Although the horrific homicide of George Floyd, which, hundreds of thousands of people, witnessed online, may additionally have been, the instant catalyst, for the latest demonstrations, and an extended duration of protests, this used to be in reality no longer the first case of apparent, overuse, of power/force, by using police officers, in this country.

This kind of excessive pressure has been witnessed, all through this nation, for decades, and, we nevertheless have no longer seen, the kind of vital changes, implemented, on a legislative level! In almost all cases, this has occurred, predominantly, in, and against, minorities, especially, human beings – of – color.

Every time, there has been outrage, for a duration of time, but, it nevertheless occurs, today! The rhetoric, and vitriol, we have seen, from President Trump, given that he assumed his office, in 2017, and how, he has portrayed, men and women legally protesting, in a comparable manner, as White Supremacists, etc, has probably, made this matter, even worse! With that in mind, this article will try to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, four keys to making the relationships, between the police, and the public, greater amicable.

Right to protest/assemble, peacefully, and legally:

Americans have a Constitutional guarantee, to protest, and assemble. As long as this is peaceable (non – violent, and obeying laws), would not it make sense, to have a coverage/plan/strategy, to manage these, besides police overreacting, and resorting to violence, themselves, towards the protestors ( or worse). States, and the country, need to codify, a set of unique regulations/guidelines, so we do not proceed witnessing, needless violence, and such a massive divide!

Hold police officers legally accountable for their moves / behaviors:

No one must be above – the – law, and coverage should be, in – place, to deal with police officers, the equal way, the generic public, would be treated! This needs to begin, besides paying attention, throughout police training, to non – violence, which includes prohibiting any type of chokeholds, and, gun protection necessities/regulations. There have to be zero – tolerance if we hope to create a larger feel of trust, and understanding!

Prosecute looters, arsonists, and those, who break property:

Don’t lump protestors, and looters, together! Protestors exercising their legal rights, whilst those, who are looters, arsonists, and/or, damage public, and/or, personal property, are criminals, and should be treated, as such, and prosecuted.

Independent organization to reveal policy, and judicial policies, when it comes to police / public relationships / complaints:

In order to ensure, there will be, both, actual, as properly as perceived fairness, in investigating any complaint, etc, there should be a well-considered, impartial agency, which consists of contributors of the police force, out – of – area prosecutors and citizens. Why would any member of the community, trust there used to be an attempt, to make these plenty – needed, change, for the better, until/until, this was once in – place?

Isn’t it about time, to make us better, by means of unifying, alternatively of polarizing, and guaranteeing, public safety, for – all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc? We cannot permit, the equal – old, equal – old, to continue?