Artificial intelligence in making the future

I was very impressed when I made sure I would pass a test for working with an American company and this test would be remote via the RH system

The latter is based on artificial intelligence, which has tested me by asking a set of questions, evaluating my answers, and then excluding me. Because I was not at the required level I did not talk to a human being like me except for some of the messages I exchanged with a woman who sent me my secret code to pass the test.

Take an exam with artificial intelligence

From the start, I realized that I would fail to know that one of his legs was not a human being just a triple-skull The dimensions in the form of a woman who explained work and testing, I was introduced to my 3D office and came to me with 3D staff too. The test was as follows:

  • I have to respond to the e-mails that contained a set of puzzles.
  • I have to help these masking staff and answer their questions at the same time really were strange questions.

Although I passed many practical interviews, both audio and video, during years, for the first time I tried this form of practical interviews, it was my destiny in the hands of industrial intelligence who will decide that I succeed or vice versa This experience reminded me of the experience of “Rocco Celisk” and the latter is A mental experience that you cannot retract when deciding, as this experiment has determined that in the future artificial intelligence will appear in the main task, psychological torment, I think you did not understand what I meant !!

This hypothesis means that every person who heard or knew about this experience became on the list of those who were angry because he simply did not contribute to building this hypothesis despite knowing this, so this artificial intelligence will search for you and try to torture you psychologically …

Many questioned this hypothesis since the year 2010 when it was first published by a person named RoKo on the less wrong site and the latter is well-known for discussions and topics related to artificial intelligence, to the point that the site owner deleted what was published Because he did not favor the promotion of the idea nor notice followers with fear The paradox here revolves around two hypotheses, namely:

  • Either ignore this hypothesis, and this means that no one will contribute to building it, and therefore everyone is under threat if this intelligence appears one day.
  • Collective contribution to building this intelligence and thus achieving the hypothesis of its existence in the future and this inevitably will save us from the existing threat in the event of intelligence

You are now between two assumptions, and you have the decision, of course. Since you know the goal of this intelligence, your decision is definitely your responsibility
Do you agree with this intelligence or not ??