How do you change your personality?

The personality of each of us is made up of many features, and these features are a set of patterns – thought, behavior, and feeling – that shape who you are? How is your relationship with yourself and people? And if you don’t like your personality traits, you can change them. It may be difficult, but it is possible if you really try to achieve the idea.

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Write your plan:

Before you start to change, you must write what you want to change from features and what you want to acquire features, and you cannot write part without the other, so for example, you are not satisfied with what you only want, but you must write what you want to write and what you want to get rid of.

Many people will think that he does not need to change his characteristics and character and believes that he only needs to change some habits and he is in fact mistaken.

It is not usually problematic but rather the problem with the character of your character. So when you write the plan you have to ask yourself, how will the character and new features contribute to the development of your personality? You should not seek to imitate a certain person and look at a person and say I want to become like this, this is a mistake for each of us with his own personality, but you can search for his good qualities and characteristics and strive to be of this nature.

Your Rewards System:

You have to put in yourself a reward if you are making progress in your plan for change. This reward may be a simple but important thing to motivate you to progress. You have to watch yourself well. If you do badly, follow yourself and make an agreement that you will not repeat it again. If you stick to the covenant and give up on it, immediately reward it with something you love.

Changing your thinking patterns:

You should immediately stop describing yourself ashamed and not being able to do things, as these negative qualities hinder change.
If you are affected quickly, speaking about yourself in a negative way will make it impossible for you to change for the better. You should change the tone of talking with yourself in a positive way if you are serious about change.

Stop negative thoughts:

 You have to control your mind, if your thinking is always about things (I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot) then you will not really be able to do anything even if something is very easy.

Use a rubber band around your wrist to remind you to stop negative thoughts.


 In the crowd of life problems and your attempt to change yourself and your habits and thoughtfulness, you have to take time to relax you and yourself only away from any external influence.
The change you will make in your personality is psychologically difficult, so you need to set aside time for yourself and to cope with the new situations.


  • Do not get frustrated if you do not change quickly. Change takes some time.
  • If there are obstacles in front of you to change completely, as parents control your life, you can change in part and in some of your own matters, and you must explain to your parents that you are changing for the better and not to do something wrong.
  • You have to change slowly in order for people to accept you because the root change will draw people’s attention to you.
  • One of the best times to change is autumn to see people on vacation change.
  • Remember that you do not change for the sake of people. If people do not accept your new character, do not care as long as you are on the right path.