The best 6 anime for children

Anime for children, well there are many anime works that can have content that shows new ideas, new imagination and a different culture. But anime works many of which are not suitable for children, but there are anime works that children can love and suitable for everyone. Anime is Japanese animation, and it is different from Western works. Therefore, when an anime work is shown to children, it literally knows about another world!

6- Pokémon

He tells about the legendary adventures of Ash and his close friend Pikachu and their journeys in different regions, hoping to become masters of Pokemon.

From an artistic point of view, Pokemon is not considered one of the best anime series .. it is considered one of the most famous anime series.

5- The Cat Returns

The story is about a girl named Haru who can talk to cats and one day she has saved a cat. The cat was not an ordinary but a prince in the kingdom of cats. This work is for all ages.


Fujimoto, a wizard who abandoned the human world to live at the bottom of the oceans, experiments with “brandy”.
he hopes one day to upset the ecological balance and see the sea, abused by men, regain its pre-eminence.

3-Kiki’s Delivery Service

The story is about a charming little kiki, in her own style, who moved to a small town and got a job delivering bread. An enchanting movie perfect for all ages.

2-Wolf Children

The story is about a woman who has had many difficulties raising her children, who are half-human and half-wolf herself. This film may attract children and adults alike. It is one of the best fantasy movies to relate to reality.

1-My Neighbor Totoro

Two little sisters, the first-named May and the second called Satsuki move with their father to a new house near the hospital where their mother resides near their new home there is a giant camphor tree This tree is the hideout of their unique neighbor of the type of tutor that does not always appear and only children see The family said that their mother’s health deteriorated when she heard Mai, the little sister, with this news, was unable to control herself. She went to wandering looking for the hospital where her mother was sleeping, but she got lost in the middle of the road. I wonder, will Satsuki and friends find Mai, and will their mother be fine and how will Totoro help them in that?