Wasps invade America: is its bite fatal?

It is a year of wonders from wars to epidemics to wasps, 2020 years that will inevitably enter history. We have witnessed many events and mediated them in this week of its fifth month with a new topic, which is the “killer wasp” and “wasps invade America”. This last has published the headlines of newspapers and magazines since it was issued Report on her debut in the United States after seeing her in Washington state.

These wasps grow in Asia and have a toxic bite that can kill a person if they bite them several times so that their size is two inches long. These wasps kill about 50 people annually in Japan and their stings are very similar to entering a hot rod in the flesh. They also have the ability to penetrate clothes, there are many Scientists have admitted to the scientific journal Smithopian that the bite of this type of wasps has the full ability to destroy human tissue, and its poison is equivalent to the venom of a snake, and seven bites of it can lead humans to die.

Chris Looney, an entomologist in Washington state, told the New York Times that If we cannot control this type wasps, it is possible to not be able to face it in the future, adding that this type of wasps appear from May to October until they go out to eat and grow and hide later,

and a video clip has been posted on social networking sites for a battle between the killer wasp and the mouse, in which it appeared that the giant wasp is breaking the mouse that is trying Flee from him , but in the end he falls victim to the poisonous hornet stings

These wasps have a large size and huge jaw and have the ability to penetrate anything and have a grotesque face, fierce and protruding eyes and wavy wings like dragonflies. It is possible for these wasps, which are known as aggressive insects, to erase bee colonies within hours, because they have long and strong stings that can puncture hives several beehives were seen destroyed by wasps.

Where did the murderous hornet appear?

Hornets, which originated in Asia, can grow up to two inches long and are known to have a toxic bite that can kill a person if you bite them several times. But if there is one creature that is not afraid of the killer wasp, it appears to be a “mantis” insect, according to what was reported by the “Fox 8” website.