BE happy with 5 movies near me to watch

In this regard, we have chosen to review with you the list of films that were launched from among the most popular in the world and which received a huge number of public voices on the international film database IMDB.

top 6 series of 2020 so far

5-sin City:

A 2005 American crime and excitement film, quoted from a novel with the same name. The film explores a dark, sore town as its title, telling the story of three different people, arrested in violent corruption.

The film received a large praise from critics and the public alike and was screened at the Cannes Festival. The film is from Jessica Alba, Rosario Dosen, and Jaime King. Film 8/10.


The 2015 Scenario is an American action and exciting film, and the Mexican word “wage Killer” is the Mexican language scenario. The film is taking place in the border region between Mexico and America, where drug trafficking and smuggling are active in the US lands and a fierce war is taking place to face the merchants, and the FBI agent Kate Muser is recruited to help the region emperors.

The film was chosen to compete on the Golden Palm at Cannes 2015. Film Assessment .7.6 / 10.

3-Iron Man:

The first part of the Iron Man series, released in 2008 from the world of Marvel’s cartoon-comics, has been a great success in the role of the world’s display. The film talks about the famous weapons designer and billionaire Tony stark, kidnapped by an extremist group to design a nuclear weapon, but designed an iron suit similar to a protective shield, wearing it to protect it until it runs away.

He is trying to start a new life. The film is starring Robert Donji Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Terence Howard. Film Assessment. 7.9 / 10.

Top 5 Movies of 2020 So Far

4-v for Vendetta

The American film Action of 2006, quoted in a picture story released by the same name by Alan Moore, is a film of the Dostobia taking place in a dark future for humanity by a person who avenges the injustice of the

government and tries to change the political situation and is hidden under a mask. The film is revolutionary from the first place, fun to watch, filled with inspiring sentences, and has seen a great performance from Natalie Portman. Film Assessment .8.2 / 10.

5-Pirates of the Caribbean:

The first part of the Caribbean pirate chain, from which Captain Jacques Sparrow’s great character emerged, was produced in 2003.

The story revolves around the pirates of the Caribbean during the early 16th century, in an atmosphere of searching for a lost treasure, a luring daughter, and a misty governor, in the middle of Achin, a great watch for comedy attitudes and a romantic love story. The film is starring Johnny Depp and Kira Nutley. Film 8/10.