11 Reasons Why Cats Follow You To The Bathroom


1. Cats Follow Routine

Like all other cats in the world, your kitty adores routine and the usual way of communication and behavior. Once when following you to the bathroom becomes a routine, it will start loving it.


Think better! If you come to take a shower every morning, your furry friend will want to share this routine with you. Moreover, it is possible to connect it with the meal it gets after that. This everyday rhythm will secure a familiar and relaxed environment, which will help your cat feel safe.

2. Cats Ask For Attention

I believe you are fully aware that cats love attention. As for your kitty, it is fully convinced that the time when you sit on the toilet is a perfect moment for cuddling and petting. It seems that this weird creature knows that you can’t move at that moment, so it is an ideal time to get your full attention.


There is no TV, other people, book, computer, or a cell phone to distract you, which means that you can dedicate that piece of the day to its majesty, the cat.

3. Cats Enjoy Supervising The Owner

No one knows why, but cats feel the need to oversee whatever you do, including your activities in the bathroom. Experts assume that it is an innate behavior inherited from ancestors who observed their surroundings to protect themselves from predators.


4. Cats Show Their Love

If you have one of these cats that adore licking you after a bath or shower, get used to it that any attempt to forbid that habit will be in vain. Your cat loves you, and it is its way to show its affection. Plus, you are its source of entertainment, and your kitty doesn’t want to miss anything.


5. Cats Want To Be With Their Owners

Contrary to the common belief, most cats enjoy the company of their owners. Your cat wants to be with you as much as possible. OK, it is not an entire truth. Actually, your kitty enjoys your company when it is in the mood for it.


It sometimes seems that the moment when cats are most in the mood to hang out is precisely that period in the bathroom. Your kitty can’t control you while you are outside, but once you enter the bathroom, you are finally at its disposal. Cope with that!

6. Cats Enjoy Following The Owner Around

Some cat breeds enjoy following their owners around, and it includes private time in the bathroom. If your cat is one of them, get used to its presence at any time.

7. Cats Look For Your Smell

Although you don’t enjoy the smells in your bathroom, your cat probably doesn’t share that opinion. The room smells like you, and that is enough reason for the kitty to follow you.

8. Cats Are Curious

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You have already known that cats are the most curious creatures in the world. They simply can’t stand closed doors in the house without checking what happens behind them. So, a closed bathroom door is a challenge!


To you, visiting the bathroom may seem like a daily routine. In your cat’s opinion, you may do something incredibly fun behind closed doors this particular day without its present! Plus, your kitty considers your home as its own territory, and the ban on access to some part of it will challenge it to check what is going on there.

9.Litter Box


You might have kept their litter box in the bathroom. since they have strong senses of smell they can easily figure out that smell. They might be aware that when you are in the washroom, you are in a confined stage. Perhaps due to your busy schedule, you won’t be able to give undivided attention to them. Hence the bathroom is the best place for them to get your full attention.



Wild cats always have abundant fresh water resources however when they get domesticated sometimes they urge to get fresh water. Your tap and faucets seem similar to fresh water to them. Hence they follow you into the bathroom. If your cat is fond of fresh water, get some special water fountains for them.

11.Just Like Us


Cats behaviours are similar to human being. Unfortunately, domestic cats’ lives are bland as compared to wild cats. Their owners are their only source of entertainment in the house. That’s why whenever you close the door, they want to walk behind you to check what interesting thing you do next. Basically, your furry friend doesn’t want to miss any opportunity for entertainment.

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