10 Scientific Ways To Improve Your Family Relations


Scientists have been working to find the secret of family happiness. Directly from the love laboratory – there are 10 scientifically proven ways to help you improve upon your family relations.

1. Pretend as if you just meet your partner

You think that you know everything about the other half? You’re wrong – people change constantly as psychologists have confirmed. Ask simple “prospecting” questions just like the first time you started dating. Which super hero would you choose, if you had such possibility? Could you save me from the burning house?» It may seem silly to you but nevertheless, it is an excellent way to have fun and turn back time.

2. Watch less romantic comedies

A survey by sociologists found that, couples who often resort to watching romantic comedies do not have long lasting relationships. This is not a good means to try to build up the feeling of love in the relationship. Romantic comedies inspire us by giving us the wrong representation about family relations: you start to expect your partner to portray the same behavior in the movie. Constant comparison of your own relationship with that in the movies will lead to disappointments in marriage.

3. Marry the ugly

Studies show that if an ugly man marries a very attractive woman, their marriage will last longer (the effect of Beauty and the Beast). In couples, where the man is more handsome and the woman is less beautiful, it has been found that such a relationship leads to less satisfaction. This also affects weight loss: for happy couples the wife should not be overweight, than the husband. This was confirmed in the last research published in a magazine about family relations (Journal of Family Psychology).

4. Drink less alcohol

Alcohol destroys not only your health, but also your family relationships. If you consume more than 4 portions of alcohol, and your partner more than 5, you are in a risk zone (a portion of alcohol is 300 ml of beer, 150 ml of wine, 50 ml of vodka). Also, it is proven that young men who like to drink, do not value their family relationship, they are more often unfaithful and leave their partners. If you want strong family relations, reduce your alcohol intake.

5. Do not hold grudges

There is much satisfaction in the relationship if you learn to reconcile right after having a quarrel instead of holding long grudges. What is the sign of a good reconciliation? It is when you don’t allow the quarrel to affect other parts of your relationship. For example, if you have quarreled about your mum, it shouldn’t prevent you going out to have fun. This is what some psychologists from the University of Minnesota have confirmed.

6. Spend less time on Social Media sites

According to polls of a leading dating site, fans of microblogs (like Twitters) not only update their status, but also have more rapid interactions on the sites – on the average by 10 %. Spending too much time on the computer or the smart phone is not healthy for any relationship. Always make sure that you do not spend too much time tweeting on twitter or on Facebook. It is best to spend time with your partner.

7. Forget about Oscar

A research by psychologists from Carnegie’s University and University of Toronto has confirmed that most actresses and actors who have won an Oscar award are most likely to divorce in a year. A famous name makes up for 63 % of the divorce cases in the United States. Haven’t you heard about the Hollywood beauties? What do we see – when the lady is successful in Hollywood, there is always a likelihood of divorce. Or the husband will leave because of envy, psychologists write. To have a successful relationship it is good to encourage and appropriately support one another even when one partner is successful.

8. Become the feminist

According to polls, in relationships where the wife holds feministic views, there is high quality sex life as compared to couples where the wife often initiates intimacy in the bedroom. If the husband helps her, there is stability and the relationship improves since the man understands the views and objective of the woman. If both partners hold a feministic view, it is an ideal form of family relationship say psychologists of Rutgers University in New Jersey.

9. Paying too much attention to the relationships of close friends

Divorce of close friends raises the chances of you getting divorce to about 75%. Scientists explain that some people may regard the divorce of close friends as the permission to have changes in their own life. It is best to help your freinds to stay together as this is one of the ways to strengthen your relations, professor Rose McDermott from Stanford University confirms.

10. Have sex at least once a week

According to researches of Dartmouth College and University of Warwick, making love frequently leads to a good and healthy relationship. Scientists also suggest that couples should not have sex just for the sake of it, they should have quality time in the bedroom as well. This is one sure way of staying together.

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