10 Myths about weight loss you didn’t know about


To make a decision to lose weight is just not enough. Aside the will power, it demands a certain amount of knowledge. As there is a lot of myth in this industry, you need reliable information to properly lose weight.


To lose weight, you have to go on a diet.

We do know that a balanced diet has a positive effect on the body and helps in reducing weight. But as a rule, when you go on a diet you first lose the excess water but in order to lose the fat, dieting is just not enough. To be in shape you need to exercise as well.



Special energy drinks are better than sodas/sweet drinks.

Compared to sodas like coca cola these drinks are rich in vitamins and mineral. If your food is balanced, you don’t need additional elements. It is better to drink water at least 2 liters a day.

To lose weight, you need to exclude from your diet.

Nutritionists say that the right approach to weight loss is not just excluding carbohydrates from the diets. It is all based on how we select the food we eat and the number of calories in the food.

The low-fat or fat-free food contains less calories.

Actually, if you see on the food label the following words “low fats” this is not a guarantee that the product is calorie-free because calories are not only fat, but are also proteins, starch and sugar.

Do not take in sweets.

The thought about sweets causes people to want to have more sweets. Although this fact has been confirmed by research, you can sometimes just take a small bit of it if you are not addicted to sweets.

Eating heavy breakfast will cause you to eat less during the day.

Actually it is necessary to adhere to the golden rule which is never miss your breakfast and do not overeat. Moreover eating heavy breakfast which contains a lot of calories is not good for the body.

Refusing to eat breakfast.


Eating breakfast is very important as it gives you energy for the whole day. A person who eats a rich breakfast but does not overeat loses weight much quicker. If you refuse to take breakfast in the morning, it is good to find a way during the day to compensate for the lack of calories.

You can eat whatever you like if you keep exercising.

When you exercise daily, it helps to strengthen the muscles as well as in losing weight but do not forget that the more you exercise, the more you use energy. This then causes you to want to eat more and it may be dangerous if the food you eat is not a balanced diet.

Eating meals in small portions increases our metabolism.

In fact when you eat frequently it does not increase your metabolism neither does it help control your appetite. It is recommended by dieticians that we eat five meals a day in small portions not exceeding 250 g.

Eating late at night is harmful to the body.

This is actually not the case. If the amount of energy your body consumes during the day is greater than the number of calories, it will not harm your body. However, your late night meal should rather be a snack and not a full course meal.


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