10 Crimes You Are Committing Against Your Skin..


Ignoring the skin, you run the risk of, first, health, and secondly, well-being, mood and thirdly, and finally, the appearance. And if you want it to be healthy as long as possible, here is a list of things you can follow.

If you decide to take care of your skin, you should not:

1. Stay long in the sun

Sun lovers should know that prolonged exposure to the sun is a direct way of having premature skin age or skin cancer. From all existing remedy from sunburn the most effective is only one:  to spend less time under the sun, more in a shade, and replace those solar baths with the air.

2. Save sunscreen

Most people ignore all recommendations of dermatologists and don’t use sunscreen or put it on skin incorrectly. The cream should be applied to the skin every two hours instead of every day. Also, the amount of cream that is applied should be equal to that of a tennis ball. That is, one package of cream will be enough for three days, and not for the entire vacation.

3. The Saunas

You are mistaken if you think that the solarium tanning is safer than the sun. It is difficult to imagine what can be worse for health of your skin, than a solarium.

4. Smoking

If you’re not scared of cancer, heart disease and risk of stroke, know at least that smoking will make your skin age faster. Nicotine breaks the supply of blood to the skin.

5. Using the wrong soap

Hard soap is needed for the body but not for the face. The face should be washed with special soft agents, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you have acne wisely select the correct soap for your skin. In this case it is best to use an antiseptic soap.

6. Scrubbing your face excessively


Washing your face every day – is necessary. But seldom use a scrub. Scrubbing daily irritates the skin, and the irritation can lead to its reddening and acnes. Treat the face with care, wash it with soft soap.

7. Squeeze pimples

It is clear that sometimes you simply want to squeeze the pimple on the skin. But you should fight against that temptation to do that. Otherwise, there will be scars, and acne will be even greater. There are a lot cosmetology means to help fight acne. The Argument “Nothing helps” won’t do. Your right decision is the dermatologist

8. Stress


How stress affects the skin hasn’t been studied in detail till this day. But it is known that stress can lead to outbreaks of psoriasis, acne and rosacea. On top of the stress reduces the skin’s resistance.

9. Overeating

When you gain weight, you are stretching the skin. When you lose the weight it folds on the body and its sags. Sometimes, in order to restore elasticity to the skin, it is necessary to resort even to surgical methods. Therefore, do not overeat as it will stretch the skin.

10. Not having enough sleep


A person has to sleep seven to nine hours. If you have enough sleep, it is visible on the skin: the skin becomes dull, the eyes turn red. And by the way, the skin during sleep naturally rejuvenated.


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