Тhis Friendlу Cаt Greеts Cуclist In The Mоst Adоrable Wаy Possiblе

A man was cycling out to help marshal the Two Tunnel running race in Bath when he saw a white and orange cat running out of the woods. The cat approached him when he stopped at the entrance to the Combe Down Tunnel. He bent down to pet the cat, and then she climbed up his arm and sat on his backpack.

“She crawled up my arm and settled down on my backpack,” the cyclist said.

The cyclist believes that the cat belongs to a family nearby, and she just wants to greet and ask some tummy rubs. “There are lots of houses nearby and she’s well fed. I’m up at the tunnels a lot so I’ll keep an eye out anyway. ”

He wished he could have taken the cat for a ride, but he was about to head into the tunnel which is a mile long. He also hopes that he will see the cat next time.

Meet the friendly kitty!

She came over for some belly rubs and then climbed up his arm.

She settled on his backpack.

The man didn’t try to steal the cat and just enjoyed the encounter.

It looks like that little one is well taken care of.

Super cute!!!

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