Тhe Сat Burglar Won’t Give Up Нer Neighbors Сlothes

Meet Bella, a ten-year-old Vancouver resident who lives with her owner Shawn Bell. Bella enjoys being outside and spends her nights wandering around the neighborhood. Bella is a wonderful cat, but she has a minor flaw. She is a cat thief who is hooked to stealing the garments of strangers.

Bella’s owner found a weird pair of socks in his yard one morning.

He didn’t notice at first, tossing the old socks to the side and forgot about them, but the clothing continued to arrive.

Bella’s owner discovered a weird pair of socks in his yard one morning.

Bella brought home more socks the next day, followed by a shirt, a child’s drawing, and even more shirts.

The thievery persisted and worsened. Bella has no idea what she’s doing to her victims, but his owner is worried about them. Bella has taken an overwhelming number of clothing.

Despite the fact that most of Shawn’s neighbors are aware of Bella’s antics, they continue to hang their clothes in their yards.

Some others appear to be ‘trolling’ Bella now, such as this neighbor who put out a dog-themed outfit.

All of Shawn’s clothing is left in his yard for anybody to claim. Even if Bella doesn’t always behave herself, Shawn still loves her.

We hope that the items of clothes are returned to their rightful owners!

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