Тhe Мost Upsetting Тhing Is Waiting For Тhe Shelter Staff When Тhey Get Аt Work

One morning in June, a member of the staff of the Mt. Rainier, Maryland-based Alley Cat Rescue cat shelter arrived at work to discover a carrier on the front steps. He first didn’t give it much thought.

According to Brianna Grant, communications associate at Alley Cat Rescue, “sometimes people donate carriers, so he wasn’t initially frightened… until he saw the sign on top.”

“Please help!” someone had written on a piece of cardboard. “He is amazing. I’m sorry.”

The staff member looked inside the carrier and found a tiny 3-month-old kitten with a badly injured eye.

“We realized straight immediately that we had to treat him,” Grant recalled. “His eye had swollen up, approximately double the size of its regular size. “Our veterinarian examined the wound and concluded that it was caused by a quick trauma, such as the kitten falling or being struck in the eye. Since there was no indication that this injury was intentionally caused, we now believe it was an accident, and his prior owner just became overburdened.

The kitten, whom they started calling Kobu, immediately went into surgery to remove his eye — and he’s recovered remarkably fast.

“He is definitely a resilient kitten,” Grant said. “He has been such a champ through everything. When we first found him he was withdrawn, but has done a complete 180 since then. He is now a happy and goofy boy.”

Kobu is presently housed in the kitten area of the shelter, where he has quickly established a lot of friends.

He frequently cuddles and plays with the other kittens because he adores them, according to Grant. He is such a darling and is very terrific.

“He also loves to meet new people,” she added. “Anytime a new person comes into the kitten room, he runs up to them and immediately wants to be pet.”

Kobu has even escaped once to hang out with the adult cats who live on the floor below the kitten room. “He loved to meet everyone,” Grant said. “He’s definitely not a shy cat.”

Grant believes that Kobu would do best in a home with other cats because of how social he is.

She stated, “We’re seeking for him to go to a household that has another cat right now, or [with] someone who is prepared to adopt him together with another cat.”

Although Grant noted that it is risky to leave a cat or kitten at a shelter’s front entrance, particularly in the heat of the summer, it was evident from the message that Kobu’s prior owner did care about him.

We’re always eager to provide a hand and offer guidance, so we’re delighted the individual brought the cat. But if someone finds themselves in a similar predicament, we hope they will knock on our door, and we will be happy to help them in any way we can,” Grant said.

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