Сouрle Таkes Вlind Kittеn Ноme And Deсides To Fоster Нis Вelоved Brothеr

For over nine years, Jen and Ian have been fostering adult cats until they get adopted. The couple feels happy with their work and wants to continue it forever. One day, they met a special kitten whose eyes were removed because of his inborn issues. Since his birth, two eyes did not function properly, and they were severely affected. Therefore, the doctor had to take them out and closed his eye sockets to prevent infection. He was Bop, the blind cat whose story might amaze many of us.

Despite having no eyes, the cheerful boy did make a great impression on Jen and Ian when they first met. “I saw this tiny little kitten who had just had his eyes removed. And he was wearing a cone, sitting in his cage, all by himself trying to eat out of a bowl of food”, said Jen. Having her heart broken by that scene, Jen thought the little cat could get more food and better care at home. So the couple decided to take him home and care for him.

Bop had lost his visual abilities, but his senses were elevated. He surprised the foster parents by how well he adjusted to the new place. He was still a playful boy, like other cats. Jen and Ian were astonished when Bop hardly bumped into anything. They believed it was his excellent hearing that helped him move around the house without hitting any furniture. Bop felt happy to live under the good care and special love of his parents.

Shortly after, the couple phoned the shelter again whether Bop came with any siblings. The answer was yes. Bop had a brother who was still staying at the shelter. Then, Jen and Ian agreed to foster him as they wanted Bop to have a playmate. Reuniting with his brother, Bop couldn’t felt happier. The two little souls became attached to each other very quickly. Watching them every day made the hearts of the couple melted; they felt happy. They realized an irreplaceable bond between them and the lovely cats.

Now, Bop and his brother (Boop) are living happily with his foster parents. We hope that Bop and Boop will soon find loving families for themselves.

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