Оrphaned Кittens Were Raised Вy Тhe Sweetest Сat Вut She Is Still Without А Нome

A stunning white cat was discovered walking the streets of Decatur, Texas, back in March. When she was taken to the county shelter, she was determined to be almost due with kittens.

Luckily, Animal Allies of Texas worked quickly to find the cat, now named Holly, a foster home where she could have her babies. Holly, who is just over 1 year old, gave birth to five kittens a couple of weeks later.

But it didn’t end there. Three abandoned kittens were brought to the county shelter a few days after Holly gave birth. They were just two days born and in need of a mother’s love and attention to live.

Rescuers gave the kittens to Holly, who welcomed them as her own right away. Holly took care of eight kittens during the subsequent few weeks.

But regrettably, one of Holly’s own kittens lost away since he was frail due to several congenital problems.

Janelle Weaver of Animal Allies of Texas told The Dodo that Holly “took it hard and was obviously upset for a long, which shows what a fantastic, caring and committed parent she is and was.”

And soon Holly had to say goodbye to her other kittens, but for a more positive reason: She successfully raised them to be healthy young cats and soon enough they were getting adopted.

She has been overlooked just because she is an adult, according to Marjorie Royal, the local coordinator for Animal Allies of Texas, who said that everyone prefers tiny babies.

The worst part is when the adult cat is the mother of kittens who end up getting homes before her. This occurs all too frequently to adult cats that need homes. All of Holly’s kittens save one have found new homes and are currently waiting.

“From a throwaway cat to such an amazing mom and now just the best little cat anyone would ever want … I would really like for her to meet her forever family,” Royal said. “If I have ever seen a super little cat, this is it.

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