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Last week, Carmen Weinberg, creator of the Animal Friends Project, was walking down the street in a mobile home park in Lake Worth, Florida, when she came across a small fuzzy on the pavement. Closer inspection revealed that this was a kitten sitting by itself, without a mother.

The kitty sat in front of the doors that the locals used frequently. “This spot was seen by dozens of people,” Carmen says. “They were aware of the kitten but decided to disregard it.”

“I understand her want to be noticed. She requests help.”

The skinny tabby baby was in bad shape, she needed to see a doctor urgently. She hid under a nearby car, but did not run far. Carmen placed a humane food trap right next to the vehicle.

As soon as the kitten sniffed the food, she got out from under the car and headed into the trap. The door slammed shut behind her, but it did not bother her at all, she was so glad to find food for herself.

“She immediately calmed when I brought her out to examine,” Carmen adds, “as if she recognized she was finally secure and freed from this.”

“She couldn’t seem to get enough of my love.” She was obviously in need of affection and attention.

The baby had fleas and lice, as well as internal parasites and appeared anemic. Carmen cleaned her first, then began treating and feeding her in order to help the cat stand up.

The striped child expressed her gratitude for Carmen’s treatment by clinging to her with her entire body.

“She purred the entire time I was drying her off after the bath.”

“She wants love and gets it in full.”

When Carmen is present, her purr-motor kicks into high gear.

When petted, she instantly curls up into a ball and purrs.

Her eyes are now clear and she is free of fleas and lice. It’s time to work on gaining healthy weight and making up for lost love.

“I give her a fortified kitten formula and she loves it,” says Carmen.

“No one neglects this girl anymore. Now the Star is shining bright.”

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