Кitten Was Тhrown Оut Оf А Мoving Сar Вut Мanaged Тo Еscape Unhurt

This heartbreaking footage captures the horrifying moment a cruel owner tossed their cat out a car window onto a motorway in Wales, United Kingdom. Fortunately, a woman saw the cat and rushed to save her.

The woman said that while she was in motion, something was thrown onto the road in front of her by a passing vehicle. Her automobile abruptly came to a stop, and she dashed out onto the street to see. When she noticed a little kitten lying in the middle of the road, absolutely defenseless and bewildered, she was horrified.

The woman immediately picked the kitten up, brought her back to her car and contacted the RSPCA to report the incident. The kitten was quickly taken to a nearby vet to check out. Luckily, the kitten was not injured after being tossed out of the car.

The kitten is now taken in by a volunteer foster from Cats Protection’s Gwent Branch. Now, she could relax and be loved until she grows strong enough to find her forever home.

In a news statement, RSPCA inspector David Milborrow commented, “We’re really thankful to those who managed to safely stop when this happened and save this sad kitty.” It was amazing that the cat escaped this horrible occurrence unharmed.

The RSPCA is aggressively looking into the incident because whomever was guilty for it must be held responsible.

According to Milborrow, “We think the cat may have come from a grey automobile, maybe a Fiat.” “We’re now making a plea to any other drivers who may have witnessed this incident. We’d definitely like to speak with the driver of the red Mazda car that also pulled over to find out what they saw.

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