Вlindness Оn А Small Scale Кitten Isn’t Going Тo Let Аnything Stop Нer From Тaking Оver Нer Нome

Meet Baby Ethel, a four-week-old small kitten who is one of The Odd Cat Sanctuary’s newest inhabitants in Salem, Massachusetts. Tara Kay, the creator of The Odd Cat Sanctuary, saw her as a stray kitten walking alone and raced to take her in.

She was born blind and diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, which is basically a buildup of fluid in her brain. Due to her health issues, she needed a very special person to take care of her. Thankfully, a woman named Nicole agreed to foster her until she was ready to find her forever home.

“The first time I met her, she was under a pound. I could hold her in my palms. She was the sweetest thing,” Nicole said.

Nicole was concerned when she brought Ethel home that the blind kitten would struggle to adjust to her new surroundings and find her way around. But, miraculously, Ethel is intelligent enough to adjust to her new surroundings. Ethel learnt where the corners were when she was placed in a new location by walking very low to the ground.

This adorable little fluff ball has no idea she is different than most kittens. Despite her handicaps, she never lets anything stop her from living her best life. She is a happy and playful kitten just the same. She loves attention, she likes to be the center of attention.

Watch the video below to see how strong and cute Ethel is. Take care!!! Her sweetness has the ability to steal your heart.

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