А Stray Сat Follows А Мan Нome From Тhe Café Аnd Decides Тhat Нe Is Now Нer Father

Basil Akwan may be found working on his laptop in a small café in Kuwait most days. He and his girlfriend liked the commotion of being outside, and they weren’t the only ones.

Two stray cat sisters took advantage of the café’s comfortable seats for snoozing and an awning to keep them out of the sun and rain.

And it didn’t take long for the kittens to discover that fellow regulars Akwan and his girlfriend were pushovers when it came to handing out treats.

“We used to see them together all the time — they always waited in the same spot for us to come, even on rainy days,” Akwan told The Dodo. “They would sneak on the table for food and cuddles.”

One of the strays, named Sophie, became particularly attached to Akwan and started following him to his car. It was clear she wanted to come home with him, and even hopped inside whenever he let her.

Akwan couldn’t stand to leave her behind, so he decided to rescue Sophie, and his girlfriend took her kitten sister.

Sophie and Akwan are now in perfect harmony four months after Sophie followed him to his car. “She’s a lot of fun,” Akwan added. “I always purchase her toys, and the nicest thing is that she’s become used to my routines, like napping.”

Sophie is now the last thing Akwan sees before going to bed and the first thing he sees when he wakes up. While he saved her, Akwan is grateful every day that Sophie picked him as her father.

“It’s such a rewarding relationship,” Akwan said. “Having such an unconditional love is priceless, and knowing that I am going back every day to this little fluff makes my days better.”

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