А Кitten Rescued In Аn Оpen Field Сhases Аfter Тhe Сouple Аnd Insists Оn Аccompanying Тhem Нome

Karianna and her companion were driving across an open field when they noticed a little kitten running and decided to pull over. It was a kitten that was abandoned and in bad health. She was filthy and frail, and as soon as she spotted them, she ran after them, demanding to be carried home.

The pair were unable to locate the mother or any further kittens; nonetheless, they saw that the small one required assistance and chose to accompany them. The small cat dashed as quickly as her paws could reach them, and she nestled up in the automobile, secure.

Kaianna stated:

“We came to a halt, and as soon as I stepped out of the car, she ran towards me.”

Arriving home, they cleaned it up and decided to call it ‘Fielda’, due to the place where it was found.

Karina recalls:

“She was loving from the beginning, never shy or afraid. We took her to the vet the next day.”

She was around 6 weeks old when she was found. Ella had fleas on her body, ear mites in her ears, and a slight case of ringworm.

The small kitty started to feel better and looked relieved to have found a home. The ringworm went away after a few weeks, and she now had a family that looked after her and a warm bed to keep her warm. Leon, her elder brother, and a lovely fluffy cat, is her other sibling.

Fielda had to wait till she had fully recovered from her illness before meeting her elder brother.

Karina remembers:

“It took Leon a second to warm up to her, whereas Fielda was a fan of Leon from the beginning.”

Fielda was very playful and wanted Leon to join in. She was playing hide-and-seek and waiting for her brother to join her; she really wanted to be friends with her and she was very persistent.

After a few weeks, Fielda had won Leon’s devotion and they were now doing everything together. Every step she made, she chased after her brother, who eagerly taught her how to be a nice family cat.

His mother informs him:

Fielda and León are great friends a year later. They fight all the time, clean up after each other, and share the cat tower.

Fielda is a beautiful little girl who adores napping in her parents’ arms. She adores her family and is certain that she does not want to be alone.

Kariana explains:

“He sleeps with us every night and expects to be pampered in the morning.” When she plays with us, she is always very careful and never catches us with her claws “.

Now this kitten is about a year and two months old, she has grown healthy and strong, and is a beautiful active, and very playful adult cat; always looking for mischief and pampering.

His family adds:

“She has so much energy! She is always watching birds out the window, playing with her favorite wind-up toy, and chewing on food.

Karianna says she is very happy to have Fielda in her family. Finding her in that field was a great fortune for this family.

If you want to see a little more of the adventures of Fielda and her brother, you can visit her Instagram page .

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